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An announcement

Space Security Guard Simulator will be featured in PLAY19 in Hamburg, Germany from November 14 to 17, which means that I'll work on an update for this. If you liked the idea of the game, stay tuned!


A game made for me and my friends. Inspired by the first and second Alien movies. 5 players play in total. 4 play with xbox 360 controllers. 1 plays with an HTC Vive.

Premise of the game

One player plays as a security officer (the survivor) of a spaceship infested with monsters. The survivor has to blow the ship. The monsters have to kill the survivor.

The monster players see a top-down view of the map, while the survivor sees the world in a 1st person perspective.


The survivor has a series of objectives.

  1. Locate the Self destruction system
    1. Is in one of 4 possible places, randomly chosen
    2. The survivor has to raise it by grabbing it with the grip and moving it upwards
  2. Locate the 3 self destruction pieces
    1. When raising the self destruction system, there will be 3 missing pieces, marked in a red silhouette
    2. In order to find them, the survivor can look into his minimap on their left hand
    3. Look into the many drawers. Some have to be opened manually, grabbing the door with the grip button
    4. Some drawers will contain a flamethrower with limited ammunition that will hurt/kill the monsters
    5. The survivor also has a little pouch of 3 grenades (a floating red box to the left of their hips) which will make a protective field that will damage the monsters for the duration of 10 seconds. You use them by putting any controller inside that box and holding the grip button
  3. Put the 3 pieces in the self destruction system
    1. Once the survivor finds a piece, they have to grab them with one of their hands, pressing the grip button once
    2. The survivor needs to go back to the self destruction system and physically place the piece in the correct spot
    3. Repeat until the 3 pieces are in place
  4. Locate the escape shuttle before the self destruction timer reaches zero
    1. There are 4 doors in total, but only one of them will be operable by the player.
    2. The chosen door is randomly selected, so the survivor will have to look around for it
    3. The chosen door will be lit by a yellow light, which the monsters can't see
    4. The survivor needs to guess the secret combination of buttons to activate in order to open the door
    5. This combination is always randomly chosen
    6. The buttons can be activated by physically pressing them with the controller
  5. Get inside the escape shuttle
    1. I haven't made an end sequence yet for the game, so when the survivor gets into the escape shuttle, they just have to wait for the countdown to reach zero so the main ship self destructs, sending the monsters flying into space
    2. After that point, nothing will happen. In order to play again, you have to close the game (with alt+F4) and double click it


The monsters (xbox 360 controllers)

  • Left stick to move
  • X button to attack

The survivor

  • Press the touchpads on both controllers and move both hands to walk.
    • Exactly like this example
  • Grip buttons pick items and attaches them to the respective hand
    • Only one item per hand
  • Trigger fires the flamethrower

Final notes

This game is voiced by one of my friends in Spanish. As I said, I made this game for me and my friends to play together and have some laughs. The monsters are basically inside jokes, which is part of the reason why they are so crappily made.

There are also many more features I'd like to implement, and I will probably work on them, but sometime in the future; unless there's sizable interest in the game. If I see that this is something that people really enjoy, and that there's the possibility of it being worth the time, I would make a full game out of it.

PS - Sorry for the awkward ordered list centered alignment. There seems to be no way of fixing that. I'm manually setting the text to be left-aligned, but that doesn't work.

Update (5/31/2018)

The core gameplay is now complete.

  • Added a pre-game room.
    • The survivor spawns inside of a safe room, which is not visible to the monster players
    • To exit the room, press the button next to the door
    • The survivor will exit to a random part of the ship, and will be visible to the monsters
  • Finished the end-game
    • When entering the escape ship, after guessing the secret code, the survivor now have to close the door of the escape ship
      • This is done by spinning a wheel next to the door.  One spin will close the door completely
    • Only after closing the door will the survivor be able to operate the ship
      • There's a lever that the survivor needs to grab and pull down
        • If the door wasn't properly closed, the player will hear an error sound
        • If the door is closed, then the escape ship will take off, and the survivor will be safe
      • If the explosion of the main ship happens while the survivor player is on the escape ship, they will start taking damage quickly until the door is closed and the ship takes off

I also fixed a couple of bugs, including a problem where the flamethrower would not function in some systems.


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Would love to exhibit it at a festival, but can't figure out a way to reach you. Can you write us at info@playfestival.de? Thanks!

Sorry! I just wrote you an email

On oculus is there a diffrent button to fire the Flamethrower?

I don't know. I have an Oculus without the touch controllers. I think you'd have to emulate vive input. Sorry!

Is there a way to play online? because I only have a couple xbox controllers to play locally.

(1 edit)

Parsec might work if you and your friends have it, they'd still need xbox controllers

Itch desktop app says "not available on windows" - check your publish settings?


Damn, I'm sorry I never saw this message! I'll fix it :{

Is there a way  to rotate the vr character with controller input without having  to rotate your body? 

Hey, sorry for not answering in time. There's no way to do that, sorry :{

The game I've always wanted! 

Hey dude this game is exactly what I've wanted to play with my vive but I'm having issues getting it started.

I'm using ps4 controllers and a steam link. The steam link is so I can cast to my tv. The ps4 controllers connect to it fine but I can't control any of the monsters. Any thoughts? Do I need a 360 controller? 

Similarly, do I need to do any sort of set up for the conntrollers or is it plug in and olay?

Thanks again and looking forward to your reply!

Aww, sorry for the very late response. What I think the issue with PS controllers is that they might not be xinput compatible. There's no setup required if you're using xinput controllers. In your case, you might need a xinput emulator like this one http://ds4windows.com/. I haven't tested it because I don't have PS4 controllers, but there are other alternatives to that specific program I'm sure.